Starting Over But Not Giving Up!!!!

Hello Everyone,


My Name is Aaron Green and This is My New Start. I might have to Start My Blog Over, But I am Not Giving Up!!!

Well if you have see my past Blogs you know who I am, and  try to do the Best I can where I can. But this last Time around I have learned one of the Most Powerful Lessons for any Business Person Online.  BACKUP YOUR WEBSITES.

I thought that I had backed up my sites and it was being sent to my email , But they were not, then they unthinkable happen the hosting site went offline. Trying to find where my backups where and to try and get them back online was a hassle in itself.  Luckily I had some Backup but they where from way back in March so I could not get all the data up to date.

My Blog Posts Were gone. My TE’s , I am sorry to say had been hit and I am Sorry to all my Members that will have to Resign up.  It was out of my control as  the hosting Company that i had is no longer online.  I hope that you understand the issues we were going throw and it was not only my sites there were other sites in the industry that got hit too.

So the Powerful Lesson is to Back Up Every Week or at least Once a Month to Your Computer or a Flash Drive so that if something Happens you will have all you Back ups and are able to Upload them and get back online so you can Continue to Build your Online Business.

Thanks so much for understanding our Situation. We wish you well on all you Do for your Online Businesses.




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  1. Wow, Aaron I am so sorry that happened to you.
    I am grateful that I was one of the “Lucky Ones” saved in your system.
    I like your new Spy Bubble Site and I will be more active
    from here on.
    I was Diagnosed with Diabetes 2 about a year ago
    and as a result had to deal with many Health Issues.

    All is good and under control now.
    So it is Onward and Upward for me.
    And I wish you the same.


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