Penny Surfers are Losing out!!!

That’s Right you think you are making money but you are actually LOSING MONEY  if you think about it.  OK, so you surf everyday looking for those sites that have that one little penny right. Well what if you could be making  a lot more in the long run ?

OK, So I came to this conclusion about penny surfing and wanted to find out if it was really worth surfing for pennies, and I found that I would rather get the credits to build my list and promote my list to get people on my list then to surf for that one little penny.

There is a Break down of what I mean below, but we all have claimed that penny at some point while surfing weather we want to admit it or not.  I don’t know about you but my surfing online is money in that Bank if you think about it. You surf to build credits to get your sites seen. I surf to try and get my list built. So the more Credits I can earn the more I get my List Built.

So what do you mean Penny Surfers are Losing Out?

OK, here is the Break Down on what I mean.  Let’s say you are surfing the 100 pages  for the Surfers Reward and the Prizes are $0.01 or 25 Credits or 50 Banners or 50 Texts Ads,   Now go and look at the Cost to by 1000 Credits at that Traffic Exchange you will be surfing.  We will use this as a guild.

Traffic Exchange A you are a Free Members at .33 per surf Ratio. It Has 1000 Credits for $10.00 cool that Breaks Down to $0.01 per Credit Right.

Example #1 Now you think about this  you surf the 100 Pages to get your Reward.  You get the Credits for what you surf which would be 33 Credits Then you pick your Prize of that little $0.01 and you go on your way.

Example #2 Now you surf the 100 pages to get your Reward. You get the 33 Credits for surfing and you take the 25 Credits this time.  So here is where it gets tricky  if you were to buy those 25 credits it would be $.25 Cents. I know you cant buy just 25 Credits but with the cost of $.01 cent per Credit you are actually Losing $.24 Cents in the long Run. Now if you surfed for 30 Days at that same Exchange and then had the same Surfers Rewards prizes up you would get 750 Credits or $7.50 Worth of Credits to advertise you List too.

I don’t know about you, but I would Rather have that Traffic Exchange 750 Free Credits to advertise my List to to build my list to get more money down the road as I promote things on the Back end of People that know , Like and Trust Me.  The Money is in the List.

I know not all Traffic Exchanges are Selling Credits at $10.00 But the formula works every time and you will lose Out if you claim the Penny every Time.  Surf to Build your List and  build your Relationships with  your Members of your List. If you Focus on this you will end of Making More Money in the long Run Then to Claim That Little One Penny Everyday.  30 cents for the month or $7.50 a Month in Free Advertising for doing the same thing.   What’s Your Opinion on this Issue are you a Penny Surfing or a List Builder?

Thanks for Stopping By and Checking out my Post.


  1. Hi Aaron.
    In all my years on the Internet, I never went for that little
    Penny, always for the credits.
    Thanks for Sharing.
    I like the Design and format of your Blog

    All the best to you.

    1. Thanks Monika, You are the one of the few then to not take that Little Penny and know the True Value of the Credit in this Business.

  2. Awesome post Aaron! Given a choice of a penny or 25 credits, I will take the credits every time. I also think about how long in takes to click those 100 pages. Even as an upgraded member with a fast timer when you do the math you could make a lot more money flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant. The credits to get your site seen have a much greater value than the pennies.

    1. Thanks Ken, Credits are always more valuable then that Little Penny Many people surf for. But if you can build those Credits to use for your list it is while worth it. Yeah that is very true too about flipping burgers. It’s The Adventure as you Build your List that Makes things happen for us though.

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