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Do you Plan Out Your Surfing? Or, do you have your Favorites that you surf all the time.  I have found that I like to Plan Out My Surfing from time to time. Why, You Ask?

Well with the Surfers Rewards that Many Traffic Exchanges have now it is a Good way to get a little Boost of Credits well you surf Traffic Exchanges and Build some Credits  at another.

But, if you happen to look at the Surfers Rewards before you start surfing you can see where the other sites have a Surfer Rewards Promo,  then you can  plan your attack on Your Surfing.

Some of those surfer rewards promo’s have 2 to 4 sites in a day and if you cross surf those with others you can build your credits up a lot Faster in a shorter amount of time.

I also Recommend Not surfing More sites then you can Handle to surf or your computer can handle to surf at one time.  But there is a Great Program that Will help you surf many Sites at One time Traffic Browser

Usually you will have to surf Between 75 and 125 Pages at each TE’s that do the Surfers Rewards and you will have your Choose of with your Minimum Cash Prize of $0.01 to $0.05 or you will get Credit , Banners or Text.

You will also want to keep and eye on the surfing Timer because there could be a Big Difference if you are upgraded at one or 2 of the TE’s in the Cross promo. Some People like to keep there surfing at the same time frame of  6 sec timer or 8 sec timer.

Everyone is different. although I tend to put the lower timers on the left this way as I am surfing to the right by the time I come back around to the first tab the timer will be ready to go again.  Makes it a lot easier then jumping back and forth.

Now to really Maximize your Surfing Make sure you have the Daily Promo Codes Entered in as well, and then if they have any games that you want to play loaded up like the New Bingo game.  Where you can win more Credits as you surf.   Then once you are done Surfing go back to the Surfers Rewards to Claim all Prizes.

If you want to plan way ahead just go to their promo Events coming up and see what sites that will be doing the promo’s together and you can plan your Surfing Days in advance. Great way to Master your surfing and get the most out of your time.

Just Remember to keep your eyes open when you first Login because that is when you will see some of the Best One Time Offers and once they are Gone you can not get them again.


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