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Down Line Builders are a Great way to build your Down Lines in Different Programs.  But there seems to be Many That have way Too Many in there Down Line Builder.

Do you fill in the Down Line builders right away or do you put it off until the last minute or do you forget all together.  I know some of the Down Line Builders in Traffic Exchanges seem to be long.

How Many is too Many In a Down Line Builder? 10 , 20 , 50, 100? I can under stand if its a Down Line Builder our Site of the Traffic Exchange but inside the Traffic Exchange What do you think?

Down Line Builders are one of the most valuable Pieces of Internet Real Estate when you think about it. If you don’t have it filled in you don’t get paid when someone Buys something or Upgrades at that site.

You Sign Up to a Traffic Exchange or Mailer and add your Sites, Banners and Text Ads, Then Comes the DLB do you wait to fill it in or fill it in right there.  Your Best Bet and Fastest way to do it is Fill it In the same Day You Sign up.

This Way you are Taken out 2 things 1 you’ll have it filled in and completed. 2 if someone signs up it will be under you and not your upline. If You Leave your DLB Empty your Upline will get that Referral.  Now what happens if you give your Referral Link out to the site you just signed up and you waited to fill in the DLB that person you referral saw a site they wanted to join and they upgraded.  You would off lost out on a good Commission if they too a year upgrade or a Lifetime upgrade.  FILL IN YOUR DOWN LINES when you sign up.

There is a Great Tip for you if you are not doing this now. Open up Spread Sheet or note pad and Keep Track of all your Links. Make the list in A.B.C order so that it will be easier to find the next time you have to fill in a DLB.  It will save you a lot of time.  Most of the time it will take you less then 10 minutes to fill in a DLB.

I will leave you with a small List of Great Down Line Builder’s That you Can Join and Build Them up with your Own Referrals.


Traffic – “Champion List Builder” with BONUS— $7.95 (Save 88%!)

How many eBooks have you read on ‘list building’ and ’email marketing?’… I’m willing to bet that you’ve spent more…
Traffic – “Champion List Builder” with BONUS

How many eBooks have you read on ‘list building’ and ’email marketing?’… I’m willing to bet that you’ve spent more time than you care to imagine.

Now tell me which one of these has actually made a REAL difference to how much you earn online?… Which one has allowed you to make money every time you send out an email?…
Here’s the harsh and simple truth – your subscribers will go stale!

I know that’s not something you want to hear but it’s something that most courses won’t tell you upfront. You need more than just a ‘number’ of subscribers. You need a CONSISTENT FLOW of new subscribers on a daily basis!

Stop and tell if you can relate to this…

“How do I know what list building methods are still working today before I waste all my efforts on the things not working?”

“How can I build a list if I don’t have any established authority or credibility in the marketplace?”

“How can I get Affiliates to promote my products when there are so many Affiliate products out there to promote?”

“What about the fact that I do not have any money? What methods are Low cost or no cost that are available for me to use right now to get my list building started?”

“How can I use some of these methods with top marketers when I am just starting out?”

So many questions and no answers to help me out! Well that’s why you’re here on this page today!…
You’re about to discover 15 of the best and most effective ways to start building your mailing list right now so you can achieve 250+ sign-ups or more per day!

Have you got an auto-responder account?… Could you do me and yourself a quick favor and see how many people have acutally signed up to your list today?…

How many?.. 10… 20… maybe less?

Now ask yourself, would you bother to go out of your way and write an email especially for those new people that subscribed today?…

Personally I wouldn’t and neither should you. It would be a waste of your time and very unlikely that you’ll get any new sales because the numbers are not in your favour!

You’d have to wait at least a week before you might consider sending out a promotion… but even then you can’t expect any big payments.

Now imagine what it’s like to have 100, even 250+ people entering your mailing list EVERY DAY!

That’s 250 today, 500 by tomorrow, 750 by day 3… 1750 by the end of the week. Most marketers have spend months just to actively attain a couple of thousand – yet you’ve somehow achieved it in a week without a care in the world!

That’s working smart…

And that’s how you work your way to financial freedom.

Automate your list building by the 100s every day. Send out an email (even line them up in your auto-responder sequence) and watch your income grow.

In theory there’s nothing complicated about what I’ve just told you. I’m sure you can already see it now! All you need is the techniques and ‘know how’ to achieve this kind of sign up rate and then you’re in business!

This is what ‘Champion List Builder’ is all about.
With a solid sign up rate I can email multiple lists throughout the week only working 4 hours per week like so…

Yes you read that right! Because I’ve set everything up and get a good flow of opt-ins every single day I can rest a little here and there and send out emails to keep the cash flowing. In fact I can spent as little as 4 hours per week just looking for affiliate programs, blogging about them and sending multiple niche lists in that direction!

Here’s how I construct my week…

Day 1 – Email internet marketers ‘free’ subscribers. I send out an email to those subscribers that signed up to one of my free offer sites. I look for an affiliate program closely related to what they want and use the pre-written email that the vendor provides. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 30-60 minutes.

Day 2 – Email ‘weight loss’ subscribers. Find affiliate product, blog about it (sometimes pay someone to write it), link to the product through affiliate link and email ‘weight loss’ subscribers. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 30-60 minutes.

Day 3 – Email internet marketers ‘paid’ subscribers. I either put together a quick offer from PLR material, or look for another affiliate program that I can promote and again use any pre-written email that the vendor provides. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 30-60 minutes.

Day 4 – Email ‘self improvement’ subscribers. Find affiliate product, blog about it (sometimes pay someone to write it), link to the product through affiliate link and email ‘self improvement’ subscribers. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 30-60 minutes.

Day 5 – Resend email for ‘weight loss’ subscribers by copying and pasting what was sent before with a slight variation on email. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 10-15 minutes.

Day 6 – Resend email for ‘self improvement’ subscribers by copying and pasting what was sent before with a slight variation on email. Rest for the day.

Working Time: 10-15 minutes.

Day 7 – May send out reminder email to ‘internet marketing list’. Rest and watch YouTube films/videos. Sometimes go for a random day out, and eat chinese food (dim sum my favourite).

Total Working Time For The Week: 4hours 30minutes.

Of course I like to develop my business and choose to work and do other things like SEO, auto-blogging, article writing, build new sites, build memberships, and so on.

The point is if I really wanted I could continue doing this process again and again until there were no more people with a computer left on earth – my 40k list is miniscule in comparison!
STOP chasing the next big thing!

You can do the same thing too!

There are NO smoke and mirrors! The same secrets that I use, you can use them too. Even if you need an extra kick in the seat of your pants to get you going.

What if you had the opportunity to set down with a List Building Expert, and that expert allowed you to look over their shoulder and listen as they taught you all of the “WORKING” techniques and secrets they use every day to grow massive responsive lists?

I doubt that you’ll even want to pause to breathe or blink an eye in fear of missing something extremely important. Well that is the equivalent of what I’m about to offer you. Except that you won’t have to worry about missing anything because you will have it all right there in front of you so you can go back over it as many times as you wish until you get it right.

“Champion List Builder!…”
Setting Your List Building Campaign On Fire NOW So You Can Work Less In The Future!



  1. Oh amen brother. Reminds me of the old days with MPAM!! Massive Passive Advertising Machine.

    You get too many you will spend all your time tracking too many programs.

    But biggest downfall to having too many is scares people away. They think too hard, or just plainly f all this.

    I like a good number but not crazy amount of core programs I use myself anyway. Will be passionate to promote them, and the smaller number allows me to interact with the downline easier.

    1. Thanks Presley Comment, I have Heard about MPAM! Yes there are a few that have way too many. Unless that is all they are DLB’s and not inside a TE or Maiiler.

    1. Thanks for the Comment Jon, It really does get to be too much when you forget to fill them out and lose Referrals. Glad i could give you and Idea. Can’t wait to hear it.

  2. I agree Aaron, its best to just fill them out as soon as you get into a program or chances are you will forget about it until you find out someone was your referral and upgraded into a program without you because you left it blank.. the hardest part is taking the time to fill out those that are so long and not getting distracted by joining yet another program and there you go, down into another rabbit hole.. lol Anyway thanks for the reminder!

    1. Hello Carla, Thanks for the Comment. Yeah lost Referrals and Possible Commissions is not a Good thing to miss out on. It sometimes is the longest part of setting up in a new program but we just have to remember that once its done we can take care of other things.

    1. Hello Vicki, Thanks for the Comment. That is very True when you are busy surfing and need to sign up to a site that is partnering with them and Don’t take the time to fill them in. Get it done Once you sign up and be on your way.

    1. Hello Barbara Thanks for the Comment. Yes sometimes it seems that way, but look at it like this take the 10 to 20 Minutes to fill them in because you don’t know when one of your downline Members might make that Big Purchase or take a Monthly Upgrade. Just remember if you forget to fill it in, then the $$$ goes to someone else.

  3. Thank you for the awesome post Aaron! Yes … I am guilty! I am a member of so many sites that I have not filled in the downline builder. Even worse, most of them I have tons of image credits for banners and text adds that I have not added. I am usually in such a hurry to get surfing on the site and all they ask is that you have at least one site added in rotation. I at least did put an alphabetical list together but it is in a stack of papers somewhere. Lots to do but will have to get to it later. 🙁

    1. Hey Ken, Thanks for the Comment. We are all Guilty of it but the good news is that we can always fix it. It will take some time to do but it can get done. When you get the List you have put in on a doc file, in your computer and this way it will be a lot easier to find for the future. just copy and paste where you need them.

  4. Downline Builders are wonderful and because I fill them in – there is nothings as rewarding as to get 10 – 15 referrals and can see that they joined from one of your downline builders. So yes, I know they work and yes they are worth the time to fill in.

    I use a Firefox addon call Speed Dial and keep my links there and it makes it so much easier for me – I have them sorted on there like you said name – tabs for TE’s, Mailers, etc. I’d be lost without it lololol

    1. Hello Nancy, Thanks for the Comment. You never know what could happen until you fill them in right. They work well when set up Correctly. It seems like you have a way to do just that keeping them in a add on in firefox, I don’t use firefox myself but that would be one way to keep track of your links.

  5. Awesome post !!
    Downline Builders? I only fill out the ones I’m a member of. I’m not a believer of joining every single thing out there. It’s ridiculous. I use 20 Mailers that convert well for me and like a 1/2 a dozen TE’s In my experience if you stick with 20 consistently you get better results in stead of advertising in a 100 places where most of them is not worth the effort. I Find The top 20 ad sources are always bringing in new members so you will never saturate an ad source. There will always be people that haven’t seen your ad no matter how many times you advertise. And usually the same people are at the same sites as the new ones, usually.

    1. Hello Robert, Thanks for to Comment. That is a very Good Point to stick with the Top 20, and we can’t sign up to every ad place because we would never get anything done if we did. The fact as you stated is some will not have seen your ads, no matter how many times you show it.

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