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Hello Everyone and Thanks for Stopping By.  I would like to share with you all what sites I own and Some of the Bonuses that come with them.  We all use Traffic Exchanges to build Credits and get our sites seen. So why not get a little bit extra when you work with certain ones.

I have 2 Traffic Exchanges Spy Bubble Power and TimeCrazy and This Blog GreensEmpire. 

Stay with me and you will get a Bonus a little later on in the blog.

It’s a Win Win for Both you and me, you get the Credits and I get the surfing for my sites.  This is where the Surfers Code: (Comes into Play).  I will post Surfers Codes up with Different Promo’s that we have you surf the pages and get the Bonus Credits, Banners, and Text Ads.  Some Times we have promo’s where you do not need a Surfers Code to have a Chance to win a Prize.

We Have Promo’s with Click Track Profits , Promo Slice, Magical Journey Downline Builder,  and Viral Traffic Games these are some of  Programs that help you Build Your Downlines In.

Feel Free to Sign up to any of  Sites here. I will be keeping and Eye on who Claims the Surfers Code: Comes into Play At  both of My TE’s. 



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