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Hello Everyone, Glad you could stop by and check out today’s info. I have been Surfing Promo Slice Promo’s as long as I can Remember. Lately it seems like its been getting a bit Better with Prizes, and the Amount of Promo’s Per day sometimes.

Today there are 4 Promo’s going on and it’s AWESOME If you ask me. It Gets you more engaged with surfing and building your Credits to get your Sites seen and for you to have a Chance at some Great Cash Prizes in the Process.

Granted you will not get a Million dollars surfing but every little bit helps you build your online Presences if you win. The saying goes to make Money you have to spend money, but hey if you can get some for free I am all for it, lol.

Some of these Promo Slice Promos you have to surf different amounts of pages to get the claims page, but the more times you claim the better your chances are to Win.  The Promo’s today range from 67 pages to 125 pages.  If you are not a Member just click the banner, Sign Up  and start your surfing to have your Chance at the Prizes.

Here are The Promo’s for Today.

Promo 1268 Click Here for Details

Promo 1275 Click Here for Details

Promo 1277 Click here for Details  

Promo 1278 Click Here for Details

The Prize Pool with all these Great Sites Taken Part is over $30.00 wouldn’t you like to have a little Piece of that?  I know I would like a little piece and hey Remember your also Building your Credits up in these Great sites as Well.

If you are not a Member of Promo Slice you Need to Be. Join Here

Once you are Login Please Take some Time to Fill in your Down Line Builder in This Program it is a Little long but will pay off in the long run. You wouldn’t want to Miss out on a Referral Making a Upgrade or  Purchase.

Please Feel Free to leave a Comment and Let me know what you think.

Have a Great Day Surfing.

Aaron Green

Skype: greensempire

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