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Referral Contests!!! I know I like to get Referrals in the programs I Promote, It’s even Better when there are Referral Contests that Make it more interesting. weather it be Cash Referral Contests, Upgrade Referral Contest or Credits for Referring the Most Member in a Giving Time Period.

As Long as you follow the Guild Lines set forth in the Contests you have a Chance to Win just like everyone Else. It’s a Matter of Getting yourself out there and Promoting to get your Share of the Referrals. Some Referral Contest are short and sweet and others are Until they Reach a Certain Number of Members.

Here I am going to Go over a Few Sites that are having a Referral Contest and what there Prizes  are and how long they last until, so you can be more aware of the time frame you have to Promote the sites with Referral Contests.

Cash Contests


Referral Contest 04/22 – 07/22 -2018 

1st Place: $50.00 cash Paypal account

2nd place: $ 30 cash Paypal account

3rd place: $ 20 cash Paypal account

4th place: 2000 Credits

5th place: 1000 Credits

You can’t have more then one Account. You will Be Deleted and you can not Pay of Signups.

Winners will be Picked on July 25th 2018

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Referral Contest until we Get 3000 Members (Current Members 2463)

1st $25.00 Cash + 1 YR Ulitmate Upgrade

2nd $15.00 Cash + 1 YR Super Upgrade

3rd $5.00 Cash + 1 YR Small Bubble Upgrade

4th $3.00 Cash + 6 MO Ulitamate Upgraded

5th $2.00 Cash + 6 MO Super Upgraded 

No Paid Sign Ups and all Members you sign up have to be active.

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1st $200.00

2nd $100.00

3rd $50.00

4th $25.00

5th $20.00

6th $15.00

7th $10.00

8th $8.00

9th $7.00

10th $5.00

Warning You can not do
You Can NOT Pay People To Join, Deletion of Account.
You Can NOT False Advertisements, May Delete Account if that Happens.
Payments Are Only Done with Paypal. You Win you can Convert Cash to Credits.

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