Customer Service It Will Brake you or Make You!

Good Day everyone, Here we go i have 2 Stories to tell you about that has to do with Customer Service. We have all had different situations with Customer Service People, but Sometimes you just have to Wonder WHY are they in Business in the first Place.


I bought a Car Back in March 2018 at this Dealership in Jacksonville it was a used car Dealership and liked the car we Test Drove. So we did all the paperwork and drove off the lot with our Temp Tags, while the dealer gets us our plates. One month goes By and still no Tags so they Print me out a 2nd Temp Tag mind you that you only get 2. Making my payment son this Car and still waiting for our tags while here comes our Expiration Date on the Tags and still no Tags.  The Deal tells me I can go to the RMV and put a complaint in against them and get my tags.  So i try to get to the RMV They Closed 15 mins before i got there. Now i am at wits end because at the end of the Day I will be with out a Legal Car on the Road.  I have to wait the whol weekend to go  to the RMV now they are telling me that they can not do anything for me because the Dealer has to take care of it. Once the Deal starts the process they have to finish it.

The Car Dealership Had 2 damn Months to get me a plate for my car.  what the hell is wrong with this picture. I went in to the RMV and was out of there with in a Hour, there is no way the dealership can tell me it takes that log to get plates even if they had a stack of them.  POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.


I was having and issue with my Car Air Conditioner blowing out hot air. I bought one of those cans to refill the air conditioner with the Gauge on it and when i tried to hook it up to fill it , it was giving me a warning so I stopped and started to look around at places that could look at it and tell me what was wrong with it. While I went to about 23 places and everyone of them were telling me that they could not get to it today or we can set something up for next week and then they told me that it would cost me between 160 to over 200 to just look at it.

I was about to give up. I figure i had to go to the store anyways so I would check out one more place and this place was next to the store I was going to. Stopped in and told them everything I did and the Nice lady went to the Garage to talk to someone and then he told me to pull around to the Bay and he would take a quick look.

I did that and he did a few quick things, Less then I would say 10 mins at the most and that might be pushing it. This guy  new what he was doing and told me that all i had in my AC was vapors and he released them and then ask me to beep my horn, I guess that was to find out if the rely worked. sure enough it was my rely and nothing in my AC because i had the can to fill my AC the Mechanic filled up my AC and told me to buy a new Rely for my horn. Asked him how much and he told me nothing.  THAT’S AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE.

It’s the little things in life that can make a big difference in doing Business , So Guess who will be getting more of my Business, Oh and guess what the guy that helped me out works at a another Car Dealership wonder where I will be buying my next car from.

Sometimes we just have to wait it out. Hoping to get my Tags by this afternoon… I wont hold my breath on it thou.

UPDATE: Got my Plates by the time they told me they would have them.  But still waiting all that time to get my Plates is still in my opinion POOR Customer Service.

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Thanks For Reading.

Aaron Green

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