Do You SFI?

Hello all and welcome to my Blog, I am Aaron Green and would like to know if you are a Member Six Figure income (SFI).  Feel Free to leave a comment. I have been with SFI Since 2000 and have started to get back into it and building a Team of like minded People that know where they want to go.

Would you like to go on this Adventure with me and see what we can build as a TEAM. Feel Free to contact me and let me know that you would like to be part of this TEAM BUILD.

I want to work with People that know how to get things done and to make things happen for them.  SFI Is a great company and if you follow the plan they give you it will be awesome to Build and see where we can help each other out.

Building a Great TEAM Takes Team Work and everyone’s help to pitch in.  So if you want to help out and build a Great Team please feel free to contact me and sign up HERE.

One of the first things you want to do is go over everything and follow the to do list as it states. You can build up your Versa Points which will help you get to where you need to be anyway you have to build up to 1500 VP to get to Executive Affiliate. You can grow more then that level too as you get better.


Thanks for Reading and please look for our next blog coming soon.

Aaron Green

Skype: greensempire


  1. Hello Aaron,
    I joined SFI a long time ago. I have not been able to figure the site out.
    It would be nice to have a simple run-down of steps to do to get going.

    Perhaps it is…I don’t know how to read??

    1. Hello Barbara, It’s a Great site. there is a section in there that helps you understand it called the Launch Pad. feel free to skype me if you have any Questions and will be honored to help you out in any way i can. Thanks for the Comment on my Blog.

  2. I belonged to SFI back in the beginning 1998-99. I was doing fairly well building a down line when mother nature struck with a lightening hit just outside my house which fried the phone, computer, modem, tv etc when it hit the power pole along with cable and phone lines. By the time I could afford a new computer Mr Carson (sfi owner) deleted my account even though I explained what happened and he said tough.. start over.
    He also said SFI would always be free, but then started membership charges and required autoships.
    All he cares about is making money off others no matter how hard. He cares only about himself.

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