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Hello Everyone,

Are you Keeping Track of your Credits? Do you even know where you have the most Credits to assign to your Links to get your Ads Out to the Masses to See.  We all have 100’s or 1,000’s of places we Advertise at and we need to know where we have the most Credits at all the Time to get the Maximum Return.

Many of us started out with little or no funds to pay for Advertising , Clicking away at building our Credits and it took us  a long time to build up our Credits in Different programs whether it be Traffic Exchanges , Mailers, or some other way we advertised out links.

We probably used a note pad and pen or our computer and keep track of all our credits and banners that way. It was a long and tasking way to keep track of them. But there is a Better way for us to keep track of our CREDITS.

I have been working with This Program over the past month a little more then i have in the past and have seen some Great progress , although most of the programs I am a free Member and surfing at least 100 pages at most of them  or all of them to build the Credits up.

This is a Awesome Way to Build up your Credits so that when you want to really Promote something you have Credits Saved and know where they are.  It keeps track of your Credits , Banners, and Text Ads.

You get 10 Sites to Keep Track of when you sign up but you can upgrade and Take one of there Awesome OTO’s where you can get the Best Deals when you first sign up.

Join Here To Get Started

Here is a Great Tip for you when you first start out. Do Not Assign 100% Credits to your links, Assign the Minimum that you Can so you can Build up your Credits, This is Great way to Build your Credits for some bigger Advertising down the Road.  (When a new program comes out and you want to Promote.)

Aaron Green

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