Time to ReFOCUS

There are those Times in life that you just have to ReFOCUS on YOU and get back into the Game. It could be many things that throw us off of our game. When we get thrown off our game its time to make a Change, Dont matter what it is as long as you change something up.

When you get into that Slump and cant figure it out, it seems like nothing goes right and you can not get anything done. So i have Taken a Step in a different Direction again to get back on track. I Sold one of My sites (TimeCrazy) so that I could ReFOCUS on my main Sites (SpyBubblePower and GreensEmpire), I think that was one of my turning points that happen, I did not let my first site grow to the point where I wanted it to be, and Tried to build another one and got lost so to say while building.

There will be another time down the road for more sites. I Just got to Build them up better first. So many people have asked me what is going on and why are you doing this, while for a few reasons. One, I want to have a Great Site not a par Site. Two, It makes it a little easier on me to manage and take care of other things that I have been putting off for so long.

Its Time to RefOCUS and Start to build again. You should start to see more things happening with my main Site (SpyBubblePower) More Promos and Specials to Come, I hope that you Come By Next Week for our 5th Birthday Party with Magical Journey DLB. You should start to see more splash pages from me out there too.

I am still around and in the background doing things, Still looking for more promos to set up with other Owners. I dont have all the Mods on my site but that is not stopping me from doing more. Contact me and ask hey you never know what we can do for a promo I am open to all kinds of Promos.

I hope you all have a Great Day and Thanks for Stopping By and Reading my Blog.

Aaron Green
Skype: greensempire


  1. Aaron I think you hit the issue square on the nose in respect to both our game plans and the ability to refocus on issues we kind of put off.

    There are many TE and Mailers too, owners out there with too many sites to manage.. You can see what once was unique kind of blending and all becoming one.

    Wish you much good luck with your plans for your sites.

    1. Thanks for The Comment Fran. That is Very True and then there are some that just give up and let them slip away. I am not one that wants to just slip away, So trying to Refocus and making plans to Move on and Get Better.

    1. Thanks Barbara for your comment, yeah I have found that I can get a Lot More Done then before. Hope you have a Wonderful Day.

  2. Hello Aaron. Your post is very relevant and timely as well. Great food for thought.

    As was mentioned in Fran’s comment, there are way too many TEs and Mailers out there. That would not be a bad thing if they were all functional, focused and active.

    I hope your refocus brings you good results. I am working on that as well. Thanks for your outstanding post, and thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey John, Thanks for the Comment. Glad you enjoyed once and a while you just got to step back and ReFocus and change them up. Get out of your Comfort Zone and just go for it. Wish you a Great Day.

  3. Awesome Aaron! Yep you are awesome and wrote a great post here. I struggle with focus all the time. There is always so much to do and just not enough time to do it all. So it is important to focus on the most important things. SpyBubblePower is one of my favorite TEs. You have some great joint promos including the Every Tuesday with Veteran Surf. I often encourage our friends to go there and say hello in Chat. Make it a great day and see you there! 😀

    1. Thanks for the Comment Ken, Yes never enough Time in a Day to do everything. But Get the very Difficult Stuff done in the Morning and everything else with be a Breeze to get throw.

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