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Aaron Green
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What works Best for you when it comes to your Advertising? Splash Pages, Squeeze Pages, Banners, Sq Banners, Text Ads, Peel away’s, Mailers? There are so many Different ways to get your Message out there that it’s sometimes Hard to Tell unless you Really Know how to.

So today we will Try to help you out and show you a few ways to get your word out there about your programs and see if we can shed some light on what works. For me it’s a blend of things because any way I can get my word out there I will try it.

Do Splash Pages work for you?  I use Adkreator to Make Almost all over my Splash and Squeeze Pages.  My Best Splash pages this Month are

  1.  Spy Bubble Power 1.074 Hits 45% Unique 4 Conversions 0.37% Ratio
  2. Spy Bubble Power 2 996 Hits 44% Unique 2 Conversions 0.20% Ratio
  3. Spy Adkreator Page 975 Hits   44% Unique 1 Conversion 0.10% Ratio


Do Banners Work for you? I use Bucket of Banners to promote some of my Banners, I use the Credits earn their to Promote my Banners on other sites.

  1.  My Badge List Banner  over 30,102 Views and 24 Clicks 0.08%
  2. My Greens Empire Banner  7,867 Views and 8 Clicks 0.01%
  3. My Spy Bubble Power Banner 3,952 Views and 1 Clicks 0.03%

Most of All of These have been Tracked using Trck.me Unless stated.  Get a 30 Day Free Trail.

I have also Used Intellibanners to Keep Track of My banners Here is My 1st Set of Banner Stats.

  1. Badges Banner 1  30115 Impressions 94 Clicks
  2. Badges Banner 2  27240 Impressions 111 Clicks
  3. Badges Banner 3  26858 Impressions 104 Clicks

Here are my Stats for Spy Bubble Power Banners at work.

  1. SBP 1  10102 Impressions 38 Clicks
  2. SBP 2  10823 Impressions 33 Clicks
  3. SBP 3    9922 Impressions 43 Clicks

What Makes Intellibanners so great is that it keep Track of your impressions and clicks for you, you also can adjust your Settings to promote certain banners more or less depending on what you would like to do.

What I would Really like to know is do you use these programs or do you have another Program you use to get your Links out there promoting them, Please  Comment and let me know what works best for you.

You never know what will and will not work unless you try and see. Don’t be afraid of what anyone else has the say about what you do. Its your work and its what works for you that make you Succeed.

Thanks for Taken the Time to Read My Blog and hope to see your Comments Below. Have a Great Day.  Advertise On My Friends.

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