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It’s Time for something a little Different again. Trying to change things up and see what happens. Good or Bad we won’t know unless we Try. So here is what I have in store for all of My Members of Spy Bubble Power.

From Time to Time I am going to be surfing different Websites and I will let you know in email where I will be surfing to give you a Heads Up. I will be looking for any Member of SBP That Promote’s SBP Splash Pages and you will get awarded with Credits for doing so, But you got to get Caught First. Well how do you get caught you ask? Easy Just Promote your Splash page in the Traffic Exchanges that I will be surfing that day and if I see one of My Splash Pages I will award you for doing that.

This is a win win for everyone Because if you are Promoting you are able to get Referrals Under You, and If you get Caught you get Credits added to your account at SBP so you can Advertise your Programs.  I also Look for Banners as well and you will get Banners Credits added to your account if I see Banners.

I will Post all sites I am surfing for that Day and let everyone have a change to get things Set Up. Today I will be surfing 5 Sites on and off all day long. Here you will find the sites that I will be surfing. Good Luck and Happy Surfing. I will be on the Hunt.

  1. Tweetyfied-Surf
  2. Traffic Flying
  3. Click Voyager
  4. Magical JourneyTE
  5. Traffic Speedway 

As Many of you know I have been doing this for awhile and awarding my Members for promoting Spy Bubble Power.  I am just trying to let you know where I will be Surfing from now on so you can get your links in place and have a Chance to win some Prizes.

If you think this is a Great Idea Please Let me know in the Comments Let me know what you think. How you would like Prizes to Be, and any other Ideas that you might like to see from us here at SBP


Aaron Green
Skype: greensempire





P.S. I Want to know if you Know where all Your Credits are Going? I know where all Mind are going. I keep Track of everything with this Awesome Program.

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