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We are always looking for ways to build our Businesses and figure and easier way for us to get Advertising for a Fraction of the Cost. There are Many ways we can do this and here is one of them that I have been using for the past few weeks.

I have been Testing a way of Doing a few things at once to Help me build Credits for My Promotions and to Reward My Members of my Growing Traffic Exchange Spy Bubble Power.  It’s a Great way to build Credits To Different Sites at one time.

Everyone or just about Everyone know’s about Power Surfing or Tab Surfing, But have you Put a Routine around it to make it work for you and get you some Great Results? That is one of the Things that I am trying to do here in this Test, I have been working on.  I wanted to get others reactions to this idea and see if you are having any Results with something like this you are doing.

OK , So one of the Many things that are out here that we see are the Games and Programs to get us to use Certain Programs where it be Click Track profit , Magical Journey Down Line Builders, Viral  Traffic Games, or a Host of Others. Now don’t get me Wrong I use them all at some point, but with This Post I will use VTG to show you what I have been doing. 

Now, I surf everyday for Different things.  My 2 sites that I Promote the most is Greens Empire and Spy Bubble Power But, I like to keep My Eyes Peeled for the VTG Game. There is different aspects of this program I like.   What I tend to do is keep up with what sites will be in rotation the coming Days in VTG and let my Members Know that I will be surfing at Least 5 of these Sites Looking for anyone Promoting Spy Bubble Power Splash Pages or Banners, If I caught my Members Promoting I Award them with Prizes at Spy Bubble Power, that could be anything from Credits to Start Pages.

This Does a Few Things It shows my Members that I care to see them Promoting My TE, It Helps me Build Credits something I do anyways, and I get to see where I am in the Tournament  each Week in VTG.

There is Plenty of Cross Promo’s Between a lot of the sites as Well and ways for your to build even More Credits as you surf. Now The Only thing Better Then this would be if you UPGRADED at any of the Sites when the VTG has site you are a member of in play, This would give you a Better opportunity to get more Credits at a faster timer seeing how most of the TE’s if you a lower time when you are UPGRADED.

Not only that but as You are a Member of VTG You have a Chance to Win Cash Prizes and more if you are a UPGRADED Member.  What are you Waiting For Come on and Join VTG Today and Start your Adventure.


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