Do you Like Team Surfing?

We all are looking for ways to build our Business and get our Links out to the Masses. Many of us use Traffic Exchanges or Mailers to get our Message out there. But are you using every effort to get the most out of your time when you are surfing?

Many Sites today have a Team Surfing Mod that lets you join up with 10 or More Members of that Site and surf in competition each week for Prizes. This is a Great way to Network and Meet other like minded people that want to Build Business Relationships.

Here you will find Sites That have Teams on them so you can Either Join me in my Teams or Join some of the other Teams that are out here Building Like we are. Or if you are Upgraded in any of the Sites you could Start your Own Team if you feel like it.

Here Is GreensEmpire Team List.

Here is Cheryl Fitsjohn’s Team List

Here is Ken Wolff’s Team List

We as a TEAM Is always looking to help each other out. To help build each other up and build our Businesses online. We hope that you Like the Idea and if you find that it’s interesting Please Feel free to Chat with us and join one of our Teams, if we have room.

Aaron Green Skype: greensempire


  1. Team work is awesome Aaron. I would rather have 10% of the efforts of all of my team members than 100% of my own. When our teams work together we have fun and often take the 1st place prizes. Join the Soaring Eagles in Team Surfing.

    1. Thanks for the Comment Ken. Yes Ken I agree, Team work helps in all Business, Someone might be better at something you are not and you might be better at something they are not.
      When we start to work as a team and see what happens it does become fun and does not seem like work. Have a Blessed Day.

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